26 Facts About Google

We all know who Google are, but did you know these 26 facts about Google?

Google began in March 1998 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Ph.D. students at Stanford University.

When I started using the early internet Altavista was the search engine of choice, but having read about Google in a magazine and finding that it’s search results seemed to be a lot more accurate than those from other similar search engines, Google was bookmarked and soon became the search engine of choice by internet users.

Hopefully you may of found my website by searching for a search term like affordable web design for small business in Google…

There are of course other options, like Yahoo! and Bing but Google still remains as popular as ever.

The infographic below details 26 facts about Google that you never knew about...

Google Facts

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What is Responsive Web Design

What is responsive web design?

Websites have changed in recent times with the onset of tablets and mobile phones, websites now need render well on a variety of devices so that users can view them whatever device they are browsing the internet on. From a web design perspective this is known as being ‘responsive’, eg. A website will respond to and fit the screen of the device being used.

Responsive web design solves the problem of making the same code work across multiple screen resolutions to ensure an issue free viewing pleasure for your user. As you can see in the infographic below 75% of consumers now prefer a website that is responsive so it’s time to ensure that yours is, or to contact Sims Designs to see how we can help you with your website to improve it’s responsiveness and effectiveness across all devices.

Other factors to consider are increased conversion rates, responsive sites are prefered by Google and sites are easier to manage. For more information about responsive web design, you may like to read our previous article about responsive designing for ecommerce websites and this article on designing for the mobile generation is worth a read.

The infographic below will explain a bit more about what responsive website design is as well

Responsive website design

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Update – Just been reading an interesting article about Instagram and how it is fast becoming a great selling tool for businesses, but as it’s largely mobile driven it’s another reason to ensure that your own website is responsive.