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Google Responsive Website Design Checker – Google recently came out with an announcement that they will be using mobile-friendliness as an SEO ranking signal, effective from 21st April 2015.

Responsive website design
Simply setting up an online website for your business isn’t enough anymore and Google requires this update to make your website design more adaptable across devices and search engines. Since smartphone’s are taking over the market, Google found a new way of enhancing SEO ranking signals on their search engine.

Google focuses on improving user experience and therefore makes sure that all the websites that are appearing on their search engine are also up-to-date and relevant. In order to be on top of the rankings, website responsiveness is very important and this is why all website owners out there need to take immediate action. If your website is not user-friendly, you will simply lag behind and won’t be able to keep up with the competition.

Google was signalling throughout 2014 to indicate the importance of mobile-friendly websites and the mobile-search experience it wants for its users. A mobile-friendly label had already been introduced on mobile phone searches for websites that were meeting the benchmark set by Google. It was obvious that it would soon be used as a ranking signal and that is exactly what happened. Fortunately Google gave a fair warning to all website owners this time around before taking action.

They hardly ever disclose the launch date, and the fact that they did should be embraced by all website owners and encourage them to take action as soon as possible!

This new method of optimised SEO ranking is not just helpful for Google, but also the marketers who can now reach a larger audience and users who can optimise their Google searches. Users can now make relevant as well as high quality searches easily and from anywhere, on devices which they carry around with them constantly. Google has also come up with statistics to back up their decision that has proved that mobile-friendly websites are more sought after by consumers, hence website owners should pay heed to them and take action accordingly.

To make it easier for website owners out there and help them check whether their webpage is mobile-friendly or not, Google has come up with a powerful tool for website owners to know about their website’s presence on the search engine. This tool is known as Google Webmasters Tool (GWT) which has proved to be one of the most popular ones out there. Website owners who have verified their website via Webmasters Tool receive a warning if there site is not mobile-friendly yet. Through Google Webmaster Tools you can analyse whether your website page has a mobile-friendly design or not by simply registering your page on this tool. Once this has been done, you just have to enter your webpage URL to check whether its meeting Google’s criteria or not.

Through this Google Website Tool you can know exactly where your website presence stands and if you fail to make it mobile-friendly before time, it will significantly lose its visibility on the internet.

To check your website now visit the Google responsive design checker :

Other search engines are available…

If you need help getting your website up to speed with all of the latest updates and move to responsive designs, just contact Sims Designs under no obligation and I can check your website and offer you some advice and even give you a quote. Start now by continuing to read about why you need a mobile friendly website design.

Time to clean up your backlinks

We’ve mentioned our new toxic link removal service in our blog recently, but it’s time to remind you that it’s a good time to clean up your backlinks…

An existing client of ours Marcoprint requested we look at their backlinks and carry out a detox, following a loss of Google rankings following the recent Penguin updates.

We found and cleaned up over 80 toxic links to their website and below you can see the situation before and after the clean up work had been completed.

Clean up your backlinksChances are that your site will of suffered to some extent in the recent Google Algorithm updates, so a link detox will help kickstart a return to better rankings for your website. We are currently working on this for Dolphin Marine Signs Limited. Inaction is going to do more harm than good, so contact us today and get your backlinks cleaned up asap.

How to find reliable and professional website designers?

The present era of web design is highly competitive. so how do you go about finding a reliable professional website designer for your business website design

Find a reliable professional website designer

Professional website designers have to provide creativity as well as attention to market demands otherwise entire work may go in vain. We can now experience the significant changes in the way people use and access the web. Therefore, one need web designers who are reliable and able to make professional website design.

Now, the big question is – how to find reliable and professional website designers?

Some Key Areas for Considering a Web Designer:

  1. Skills and expertise of the designer
  2. Experience concerns
  3. Cost of delivery
  4. Availability and communication
  5. Place of work

Figuring all the important keys of an expert designer and making a comprehensive analysis how he/she makes foundation of their career in the long run as you can get a complete focus of selecting the right professional for the right job.

Skills and expertise of the designer:

To figure out skills and expertise of a web designer, we need to have a complete view of his/her foundation of educational process. Educational background is the key part of judging a professional of his/her expertise level. Most of the aspirants have good educational background but they may not be able to communicate properly. They are very poor in communication skills particularly for any foreign language. Mainly places are the key concerns in this as if you are looking for web designers; you need to be very concerned about his/her educational background. You must give him/her good marks for the selection. Educational background forms a solid foundation for any professional and therefore educational background gets you the most reliable answer for sure.

The process of learning is formed in proper educational organization; therefore, the education system in these deemed organizations are quality based. If a professional has come out from any of these organizations, you can directly choose him/her for your requirements. However, we need to put a critical analysis now for any other individual for his/her career foundation that will enable you to understand the process of his/her career foundation and this is also one of the most important aspects of skilled professionals. Many a times, aspirants are notable to get seat in such big organizations because there may be many other issues like financial and family problems and hence, he/she has taken admissions in other small organization and hence, if you judge his/her root of career building, you will surely find the answer. Judging the root of career building is the way to get the right professional.

Root of Career Building:

Nowadays, everything is related to complete skill based process with al-round performance. If you have a single skill, you will be disappeared somewhere. No one can recognize you because you have a single skill and hence, there is a big need of having skills in the most of all related areas for professionals in any category to survive in a better way. In this cutting edge competitive world, it is now turned essential for all professionals to acquire skills of related areas in their category to provide a good pack of skill set to their employers. You should remember that all roads lead to Roam and hence, developing skills in most all related areas is the most important concern in building a career. For example – if we talk about a good designer, he/she will be judged in terms of his/her designing quality which will be his/her core expertise and at the same time, we need to check his/her communication skills and other aspects with regard to the position.

The Root of Career Building is based on:

  • Capability to subject short term goal
  • Ability to handle any situation
  • Talking to minute details while admitting any mistake
  • Confident enough to admit or deny points
  • Understand the basic concepts of design
  • Understand contemporary market trend

Based on the above points, you can analyse his/her quality and guess his/her certain development process of the particular situation.

Experience Concerns:

Experience is the core part of a web designer. If you want to rely on a good web designer, you must have to have his/her experience detail. Experience detail can help you identify potential web designer professional.

Some of the key ideas to understand from an experienced web designer:

Does he/she have present SEO friendly design knowledge?

SEO friendly web design is the key for getting potential success of making a website in this present era. If your website does not carry SEO guidelines, you may be nowhere. The knowledge of SEO guidelines for professional designer is huge but some of the important SEO tactics are very important for him/her to know. When developing out a whole new shopping cart system online, there may be several things that they need to go over before launching the website. The new cart should decode URLs in a hopefully better format. The web designer should understand this process and he/she has to cover designing process in that format, which is SEO friendly. While adding flash image, he/she has to understand why search engines do not like flash images. What is better than flash images; why there is a need of using GIF animation rather than flash image; Search engines cannot read images but search engines can understand and value content. These are the most effective things that a designer should be aware of.

Cost of Delivery:

Cost of delivery is also one of the most important concerns while finding a reliable and a professional web designer. You cannot pay more for a small work and also you cannot pay less for an important work. There should be a balance in both ways. A reliable and a professional web designer will display a standard format of his/her payment options and you can easily find the right one out of this big designing world.

Availability and Communication:

Availability and communication are also most important concerns to find the eligible web designer for your valuable work. Communication and availability really matter when designer will work from remote. However, in-house designers should also have the consistency and good communication skills that allow them to understand what exactly is needed from them.

Place of Work:

Place of work is also one of the big figures to find reliable and professional web designer as it is a questions of security system and other payment issues. However, at this cloud-computing era, this fact may concern very less.

UK Web Designers – Directory of Web Design Companies in the UK.
Author: Steve Sims | Website design Devon

Website designers and a good project brief

Website designers will always ask you for a brief or an overview of your proposed website project to gain an understanding of what it is you want and how the website will work.

As a professional website designer myself, I receive all manner of project briefs from one line emails to large complex documents, some good, some bad, but the important thing is to supply one.

So why bother writing a brief for a website project?

Without one you could end up with a delayed project, extended timescales, something that is coded differently to how you expected it to be, or perhaps a website that bears no resemblence to what you wanted. Having searched for website developers uk or something similar on a search engine most will ask you for more details about your project requirements and that is where a brief comes in.

At the outset it seems like a bit of a bind or a hassle writing up a document and explaining what you want in detail, but it does enable a website designer to quote you accurately and it will enable your website designer or web developer to code the site quickly and accurately.

At the end of the day you are paying for the website and whether it is a large project or a small site of a few pages a good project brief is crucial for your website designer.

We have some design brief templates and information available for anyone wishing to obtain a quote from Sims Designs, so if you are looking for affordable website designers for your web project, please contact us and we can help you with your project brief and also provide you with an affordable quotation.

New Open Competition golf website launches

The blog has taken a backseat in recent times, but we will endeavour to update more often to show you what recent sites we have been developing for our clients. Should you want to find out more about us please visit our website designers information page.

We have recently completed and launched a new database driven golf website for a client launching a new Golf Course booking system for competitions.

The website will be a portal for all UK Golf Clubs to enable them to signup and manage their open competitions online, instead of the old outdated method using paper entry forms.

The site has been developed from scratch, like all of our ecommerce websites and it is now online and trading.

The client has reported good initial feedback from users of his golf website and has commented on how pleased he is with the job we have done for him and most especially at the price we quoted!

Take a look at the Golf Club Opens, or please feel free to contact us if you would like a quote for an ecommerce website for your business…

Social Networking Website Design

social networking website designDesigning a social networking website…

We receive enquiries on a weekly basis from people wanting to set up a community website, or social networking website for a niche area or sector that they are interested in. With many millions of people hooked on Facebook and MySpace, it is perhaps natural to want to be able to run your own such site, with the ambition to establish yourself as a trusted and popular resource for all things related to your topic.

We are happy to develop a social networking website, but we always advise clients that the costs of developing such a website are relatively high and that they will take a few months to develop, and also that they will need to do some legwork to start to promote and attract users and advertisers to their site.

Should you wish to have a quote from us for a social networking website design, please feel free to contact us for a free quote. We will be happy to offer you advice and our thoughts on your project and to quote you for the work involved.

To ensure your website meets all of your expectations and requirements, it is always a good idea to write up a quick Word document outlining the project. A quick non-technical website brief will save a lot of time and also it will ensure that the finished website meets all of the requirements in the brief.

Welcome to our blog…

We have eventually found some time to dedicate to the setting up of our own blog – Dedicated to website design, ecommerce web development and website optimization and related information.

With 2008 drawing to a close and 2009 predicted to be a tough year for businesses (and individuals) we have also set up a newsletter to help keep businesses informed on useful resources, tips and services (not just our own) that may assist them in the year ahead.

I ame also in the process of reviewing our own website, with a view to making some alterations over the coming weeks and we are also carrying out a strategy and planning review to move forward with purpose in 2009. I’ll share any useful or informative information with subscribers to our newsletter on an ongoing basis.

No real pearls of wisdom in this posting, but thinking about how long we have been in business and the length of time it has taken to set up our first blog, we thought a trip back through the archives might be of interest. What did our website, or yours look like back way back when…..Well why not check out the ‘Way Back When Machine’..! Check out the site here.

That’s all for starters, remember to bookmark the site and visit again soon…