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Charity website design

Designing a good charity website is no mean feat. It needs to be clear, attractive, stable, and fast — and that’s before we even get to the content. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own website, or just feel like having a browse, here are five exemplary charity websites along with what makes them so fantastic:


The first thing that strikes you about the World Wildlife Fund’s website is the boldness of its design. It fills the screen with a slideshow of beautiful pictures — from Himalayan forests to emperor penguins — and you can click on the images to find out more about each cause. The site is filled with stunning images, but the rest of the design is very clean, so it doesn’t look too cluttered or busy. Things can take a while to load, though, and this does let the site down a little — but, at the same time, it’s sort of to be expected when there’s so much to load.

Red Nose Day

Whether you’re a fan of those red rubber noses or not, you can’t deny the appeal of Red Nose Day’s website. It’s simple, clean, and fast, but it doesn’t look boring — and that’s pretty important, considering many of the visitors will be primary school kids with short attention spans. There are videos, infographics, photos and the perfect amount of text for children to manage. The layout is intuitive, and you can see how much money they’ve raised on the front page. Compared to most charity websites, Red Nose Day’s is refreshingly fun.

Water Aid 

Water Aid doesn’t have the beautiful pictures of WWF of the the fun factor of Red Nose Day, but it’s completely in-keeping with the brand — and really, that’s what you want from a website. It feels very clean, and considering Water Aid is about supplying clean water, this is pretty fitting. The design’s great, and the website’s brimming with information without seeming cluttered. The interactive maps are excellent, too, and show you where Water Aid works and what the sanitation and water situations are like in those places.

Feeding America

Another informative, resourceful charity website with a crisp design to rival that of Water Aid. The background image ties the design in with the brand, and creates a warm feeling that Water Aid is perhaps lacking. Feeding America’s site represents everything the charity is about, and offers information for those wanting to donate, as well as pointing families in need of food assistance in the right direction.

Just Giving

Would Just Giving be so popular if its website wasn’t so appealing? Maybe, but it’s not likely. The design is simple yet colourful, and feels very modern. The content’s great, too — you can find out how to promote your fundraiser, donate from your mobile phone, and personalise your page so it stands out. You can find whatever you’re looking for on the website without having to hunt it down, and this is exactly how a charity website needs to be.

Our guest writer – Sam Wright is a freelance writer. He’s currently working for Third Sector, and is training for a fundraising marathon later this year.


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