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We’ve been asked a few times by clients “which is the best ftp software” out there…

We use Filezilla which we consider the best ftp software and we have done for years, having initially started out using the in built ftp system that Dreamweaver offers, we soon found we needed something a bit more comprehensive.

Having researched what was available at the time, we settled upon WS-Ftp which was free (like most of them are) and it worked very well. We then had a few issues with it and started to look for an alternative, such as Smartftp.

Filezilla was actually recommended to us by a colleague so we downloaded it and haven’t looked back since.

It’s been a while since we have upgraded our version but we’ve had no need to do so as it works really well and for us is the best ftp software.

What are your recommendations for the best ftp software?

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