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Musings on life as a bespoke website designer providing bespoke website design

Being a freelance bespoke website designer isn't always what it's cracked up to be! It's nice to be able to offer people the chance to have a website design exactly how they want it, but sometimes it's hard to deliver on all fronts due to budget constraints or wild imaginations that some people have when it comes to trying to make bespoke web solutions and website creation services to make something come to life in web design format that they have sketched out on paper.

I'm all for imagination and interesting ideas as it is a nice break from the norm, but there needs to be a bit of realism and understanding in what can and can't be done. I like to ensure that all bespoke website design projects that I am involved in also have good usability, good navigation and that they are seo-friendly. Despite this approach and my misgivings about some design concepts that come my way, I endeavour to try to accommodate most requests and where something isn't possible I'll come up with an alternative solution.

How great am I?

Web designers like myself usually bang on about what they can do and how great they are, which you have to do to some extent to engage the reader and attract new business. If you've found this post by perhaps searching Google for "bespoke website designer" then hopefully you are looking for a quote for a new project, or perhaps you need some help with updating an existing website. I'm happy to quote for any project, but if it's one that I can't take on for whatever reason I'll tell you rather than quote you some silly figure just to get the work in.

"I can do this and I can do that", but I also like to provide a personal service to clients and whilst the phone isn't my favourite thing in the world, I am happy to chat through projetcs and ideas, but I try not to bug people too  much and use email a fair bit to engage with people or to expedite requirements. If I spend all day on the phone then I'm not getting your project done.

I've worked for some large companies over the years and have been lucky enough to of had a nice steady flow of individuals and small businesses coming my way since I first become a freelance web designer back in 2003 odd. Client retention is good and always the number one aim, and whilst I admit you can't please all of the people all of the time who are looking for a dedicated web designer, I've had the pleasure of meeting and talking to some lovely people in that time.

So what's next?

There are always new challenges to deal with and the future look exciting with the advent of mobile websites, responsive web design and the ever present challenge of seo (search engine optimization). With seo in mind it would be great if you can mention me in your Facebook account or even to a friend as well, if you've got this far down the page you must be semi-interested in bespoke website design, you may even want to take that extra step and be bold enough to request a quote!

Don't worry I don't bite, I'm only a bespoke website designer.

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