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Good Website Design

Having a good website design isn’t the only thing that will make a website successful, but it helps a lot. Whether you’re selling a product online or providing information, a good web design plays a huge factor in customer retention and loyal readership. The design should convey your personality and mission statement of the company. Search engine optimization helps your readers find your site in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But a good web design will keep your readers coming back.

A good website design should not only look pleasing to the eye, but it should also be structured in a way to allow the search engine spiders to crawl your content more efficiently. The act of guiding the eye is called precedence, which means that the eyes should be visually guided by colors, logos, etc. on your site. Some of the factors that you should consider is the positioning of your logo, images, ads, and ads. You can divert your reader’s eyes by using bright colors in certain areas that you want more focus on.

Typography is another important factor when designing your website. There are hundreds of font choices out there, but you need to use a font that is websafe such as Arial and Times New Roman. Your font size also depends on your demographics. If your readers are older, having a larger font will be easier for them to read.

Next, information architecture should be considered when designing your website’s layout. You need to decide which topical keywords should be in your navigation and which keywords should be siloed under each primary category. Having breadcrumbs will help show your readers where they’re at on your page and there are some SEO benefits as well. A good rule of thumb is that your reader should be able to get to any page on your website within three clicks or less. If they have to click four or more times to get to a certain page, then your information structure is too deep and should be reaccessed.

As we all know, having a good web design is nothing without good content. Some of the ugliest websites out there are very successful (Craigslist for example) because they have a simple, clean design that is easy to navigate and have what the readers are looking for. What a good web design does do is it helps in brand identity. There are millions of sites out there just like yours, and having a good web design is what’s going to set yourself apart from all your competitors. Pay close attention to your asthetics because it can make a difference from a successful website and a failed on.

A good web design should not only guide your readers visually, but it should also make it easy for the engine crawlers to index your site. What’s the point in having a beautiful site if your readers can’t find it in search? Information architecture should be thought out first to prevent any headaches from having to reorganize the content later. Contact us if you are thinking of getting a website designed…

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