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Google recently implemented some changes to their algorithm. This series of changes is called Panda. Panda was developed in hopes of returning high end websites to the top of search engine results. The goal is to keep lower quality sites from outranking the more informational ones.

These changes have negatively affected many SEO based sites. Site owners and authors are being forced to pay greater attention to page setup. As well, they must learn the new rules of post panda SEO. Below is some information and tips to increase Google panda SEO and meet Googles Panda implementation guidelines.

Google SEO rules have changed

Googles' Panda has changed the rules of SEO (search engine optimization). Site owners who seek to make the Google ranks must now learn an entirely new way of doing things. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to reach SEO goals under the new Google panda guidelines.

• Key words are important. However, they are no longer enough. Before Google panda was implemented site owners simply needed pages which were filled with key word rich content. Googles new guidelines call for other measures to earn top ranking in search engine results.

• Do not use multiple pages with the same title. Google is trying to eradicate content mills. This means that sites with multiple matching tittles will be dropped from top ranking searches. Site owners may still be able to include pertinent keywords in the title. However, avoid using the exact word sequence. For example, if the title for one page is "How to build a bird cage" , make the next page title different. You may use something such as "Great tips on how to build the perfect bird cage". This way your key word is in the title but the page names are unique.

• Make certain that your site is set up in a well organized manner. Your goal is to achieve fast load times. Sites which respond quickly are recognized first by the new Google panda. Try searching Google for information on 'silos' for organising your website content.

• Do not include poor quality content on your site or pages. Googles goal is to eliminate sites which are lacking in high quality information.

• Avoid using multiple images. Under the new Google panda guidelines these may be viewed as spam. Sites with high spam content will automatically earn a lower search ranking.

• Create backlinks for your pages. Use these often. Backlinks draw the attention of googlebot. It is imperative to be recognized by Google. Use different anchor text...Don't use the same search term for your links all the time!

• Add the Google page speed tool to your site. This will help you identify areas which need improvement. As well, you will see how well certain pages are performing.

If you follow the above post panda SEO tips you will see a large difference in page ranking and traffic. Panda does not have to be a traffic dead end for your site. It is just a matter of regrouping and learning the new rules.

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