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Google Penguin Update is on the way…

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Just a quick heads up that there is a new Google Penguin update on the way shortly….

A Google Penguin update is fairly imminent accordingly to all the ‘usual sources’, so now is the time to double check your website and make any appropriate on page and off page changes to your content, internal links and external links.

To recap, Penguin targets sites guilty of any or all of the following:

Other things to remember for the Google Penguin Update

Get your home page bounce rate down as well and take a good look at your anchor text links on external sites linking back to your website.

Remember to mix up your link diversity so that as well as exact search term links with some variations. Eg. Include your business name, your website url and some generic words like ‘click here’ for example.

Wikipedia has a page dedicated to Google Penguin and it makes an interesting read.