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Following the growing popularity of Pinterest it’s time to mention it and give you the low down on what it is and how to use Pinterest.


Essentially it’s a very graphical way of sharing information from your website with other users and getting links back to your site, along with all the benefits of being ‘social’. It works particularly well with sites that perhaps sell products, for food related sites, photographers and the like…

Why? Well it’s image based. So instead of ‘tweeting’ or ‘posting’ you can now get ‘pinning’ to your page storing graphics and photos on your ‘board’ so that they are saved for you to refer to at a later date or share with your friends.

Pinterest is currently being used by people mainly in the 25-45 age bracket and over 70% of them are female, so if your business is interested in targetting that demographic then it could be for you. Should you want to check it out head on over to Pinterest to get started…


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