What is LinkedIn used for?

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10 Years at LinkedIn for Sims Designs.

It’s been ten years since we joined LinkedIn offering bespoke web design solutions, an anniversary that celebrates over ten years association with one of the internets largest social media website. With over 200 million users it’s the largest professional network and a major player for recruiting staff and connecting with businesses and individuals from around the world and as business website designers it’s been a useful resource for us.

What is LinkedIn used for?

For those of you who are not familiar with LinkedIn, it’s a portal or global think tank where you can connect with business owners and individuals from around the world. Connect with users you may be interested in working with, or network with them via the various groups you can join on the website.

It is also a useful platform for posting jobs and for recruiting business professionals to work on any projects you may need assistance with or a vacancy you have at your business.

If you do connect up with another LinkedIn user to work on a project, you can then endorse them and vice versa for the skills used in the project. These skills and the endorsement will show up on your user profile page, which gives your profile more kudos with the aim of showing any prospective business contacts details of what other LinkedIn users thought of your service and skills.

Why should you join?

LinkedIn is now the most used social network among business decision makers due to the fact that there is an unlimited number of businesses and individuals available on it that could potentially be interested or available for work on any projects you need help with.

It also gives you the opportunity to find out about new technology and ideas within your industry and to pick the brains of people that may be developing something that could benefit your own company or assist with your day-to-day business.

This video by some web hosting friends of ours shows how to use LinkedIn in more detail :

With an almost limitless network of professionals it can me a bit mind-boggling and at times overwhelming as you can get bombarded with requests for connections or invitations to join groups, but give it a go and see how you get on…

More details about LinkedIn and it’s history can be found on the Wikipedia website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LinkedIn

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