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With the increased number people doing their shopping online there has been an increase of businesses offering ecommerce services on the web. Ecommerce is the selling of products and services online. With the increase of business offering Ecommerce services online, it is very important for people wishing to setup ecommerce websites to ensure that they stay ahead of the competition. This is because some Ecommerce sites might be selling products or services similar to what you are selling. To do better than the rest Ecommerce site owners should ensure that their websites are optimised for use. One way that your website may be optimised is by ensuring that it is designed properly. Design of the website should be user centred. User centred websites designers focus on user experience when designing their websites.

In this article we are going to discuss about some of the design tips for ecommerce websites. These tips should be considered by designers who want to design ecommerce websites. Proper design is necessary since it keeps users focused on what you are offering on your website. By customers being focused on your products your business can make more sales than when your website is no designed to be user friendly.

Only important visual content should be used

Designers should first of all ensure that the website they are designing does not have much visual and audio content which may slow down the loading of the website on a customer's browser. While visual effects are important to a website, when they are over done they make the website load slowly. With excessive visual effects the website looks cluttered and customers may fail to see the products you are selling. Due to the slow loading of websites with much visual content users may be impatient and cancel navigation to the site. Designers should therefore concentrate on what the main objective of an ecommerce website is. The main aim is to sell products.

Provide users with simple navigation system

Designers should also ensure that the website they have designed has a simple navigation. When a designer uses a complex navigation system users may find it difficult to find what they are looking for. This will make the user frustrated and he/she may leave the site.

Ensure payment and checkout system is easy to use

The checkout and payment system of the website should be easy to use. When complicated systems of payment and checking out of the website are used, users may opt to cancel their orders.

Provide auto complete search bar

An ecommerce website designer should always consider having a search bar on the website. The search bar should not be the traditional search bars which only return results. A good search bar for an ecommerce website should also have an auto-complete feature which gives user suggestions on what they are looking for.

Provide easy to access product reviews

An ecommerce site should also consider provide easy access to product reviews. Designers should consider this since most customers are not convinced to buy a product by viewing minimal information about it. The best product review feature is one which shows up when the user hovers the mouse over it.

Update user on product availability

Product availability and the current number of the product in your store should be shown clearly. If not shown clearly users may reach the checkout page and realize the product is out of stock. This makes customers lose faith in your business.

Provide a shopping cart at every page

A good ecommerce site should provide an easy to use shopping cart. The shopping cart should always be accessible no matter what page a user is accessing. This makes the customer know what he/she has already ordered and how much it's going to cost him/her. This improves the overall customer experience.

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