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It took a while to develop and to finish off, but our fresh new website is now online and replaces our old trusty version that has been with us for the last couple of years.

We have canvassed a lot of opinion and thoughts regarding the best way to push forward with the new design, yes even web design companies take such advice…This avoids becoming too blinkered and set in our ways, as well as providing a more engaging and user friendly website.

In short, here is what is new :

  • Wider layout to accommodate the wider resolutions that are more common today
  • Xhtml/css layout, as opposed to our older table layout
  • New flash movie
  • More of a web 2.0 feel to the site
  • Contact form and phone number on all pages
  • Easier access to our portfolio and pricing pages
  • Important information is now ‘above the fold’
  • Removal of non essential text from all pages

Perhaps the most important point of all – Our prices are unchanged and still remain at levels set in 2006!

See the site at or please contact us should you require a quotation for the redesign of your website.

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