An Overview of Google+

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Update - Google+ has now been discontinued, so this article is purely for hostorical purposes.

I've been asked a few times by clients if they should set up a Google+ account as they feel that they won't really use it and they wonder about the effort and impact that any work they do will have on their business. So here's a quick overview of Google+.

Google Plus

As well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the other social networking sites that are out there, Google+ seems a bit superfluous to the others, do you really need another avenue of social interaction, will will it end?

Well if you use a GMail account you'll have a Google+ page ready to go and most likely if you're a business owner you may well have a pin on Google Maps and perhaps a Local page as well, so why not look into actively updating and embracing your Google+ account....

There's no point us in re-inventing the wheel with an explantion of how it works, as the team at Mashable have a great post on it that you can read, so check out their Complete Guide to Google+ and you'll perhaps surprise yourself with how into it you get.

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