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GeoCities ClosingThe latest algorithm update by Google has caused plenty of worry and concern amongst numerous webmasters and site owners yet amidst all the worries, few have realized that it opens new opportunities like local results being included in Google results in a much more efficient and reliable manner. This will mean dramatically increased traffic for many small businesses looking for local customers.

It is interesting how so many online entrepreneurs keep on forgetting the fact that what quite often comes packaged as a setback or major problem in this life is quite often loaded with plenty of opportunities. These can only be see by those who care to quit complaining for a minute to take a closer look.

The truth is that the Google Panda update should be great news for every small business owner and webmaster. We already know that a growing number of consumers are these days using their mobile devices for searches on Google to find local service providers and products. What has been happening is that more often than not local businesses hardly show up in these search results. Instead what you might get are service providers situated in another town who have optimized their site to cover a wider area of reach. This happens mostly with large organizations out to dominate national markets. Their big names are difficult to compete with, especially for the small local operators.

Through improvements within the Panda Update that have been dubbed "Venice" Google has addressed this. The adjustments mean that Google can identify locations much more easily. Consequently the results are more relevant and greatly favor a locally based business. The system and algorithm are much more sensitive to a user's location and thus serves results that are as relevant as possible.

However this does not mean that if you have a local site that would greatly benefit from local results being included in Google results you should sit back and wait for the traffic. There are a number of other changes that the Panda update brought into effect which if you ignore you will mean that you will never benefit from the local search advantages and opportunities that have come into effect.

For example the new update has been designed to reward websites and blogs that are frequently updated with fresh new content. What this means is that it is absolutely important that you ensure that there fresh new content on your site all the time with regular updates.

Also the way incoming and outgoing links are evaluated has changed. A higher premium has been placed on links that are relevant rather than general or irrelevant ones. And so you will have to be very careful to link only to quality sites that are relevant if you want your site to rank highly and thus deliver the local search traffic you need.

Above all else remember that the big emphasis at Google is to always improve on the user experience. The secret is that as long as you are careful to always think of improving the user experience for those visitors who end up on your site then you can be sure that whatever changes Google will make in future are bound to affect you positively and enable you to maintain the valuable local results being included in Google results.

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