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Being “social” is a big thing on the web and these days you need to be posting things on your wall and tweeting regularly, or the whole world will stop and life as we know it will end.

As a freelance web marketing consultant keeping up to date with the latest trends and enhancements for websites is part of my job.

One of the supposed big things for this year (2011) is social networking.  The main driving force behind this is that the more ‘friends’ your site has the more popular you are and the higher you’ll appear in the search engines.

If you build up a list of friends and get posting away the idea is that perhaps they will be interested in what you are doing and will either buy something from you or will tell a colleague or friend all about you and what you do and then they may use your services or buy something from you.

This seems to work well with physical items, but things like websites for example are quite hard to sell in this manner as it’s a fairly specific requirement.

However this post is just a quick reminder for you that if you are website owner you need to keep on with your social networking activities as they will eventually may dividends…..And of course if you are not a website owner and want one, then you know who to call (erm, us of course).

In case you don’t know how to add a Facebook like button to your website, it’s quite easy and there is some simple code below that you can copy and paste onto your web page.

<script src=”″></script>


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