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Designing a social networking website…

We receive enquiries on a weekly basis from people wanting to set up a community website, or social networking website for a niche area or sector that they are interested in. With many millions of people hooked on Facebook and MySpace, it is perhaps natural to want to be able to run your own such site, with the ambition to establish yourself as a trusted and popular resource for all things related to your topic.

We are happy to develop a social networking website, but we always advise clients that the costs of developing such a website are relatively high and that they will take a few months to develop, and also that they will need to do some legwork to start to promote and attract users and advertisers to their site.

Should you wish to have a quote from us for a social networking website design, please feel free to contact us for a free quote. We will be happy to offer you advice and our thoughts on your project and to quote you for the work involved.

To ensure your website meets all of your expectations and requirements, it is always a good idea to write up a quick Word document outlining the project. A quick non-technical website brief will save a lot of time and also it will ensure that the finished website meets all of the requirements in the brief.

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