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In this article I share my personal top 5 favourite websites, why they are my top-rated and our reasons behind choosing them:

The main reason for adding this site to the list is because of how neat and tidy the design has been created. Its limitation on colour use benefits the news and corporate background and makes searching for specific articles and information easily accessible. One of the key things a website should have is good navigation – without that, how is anyone going to find what they want? Well, the BBC seems to have that all covered rather well. For example, landing on their homepage and wanting to read more on their sports updates, videos and information takes seconds when you can easily see their ‘sport’ tab immediately. Once you have clicked that tab, you then have multiple options of sport choices suited to your preference. Let’s face it, the longer it takes to find what your looking for on a website the less likely you are to stay there and continue.

To see exactly what we mean, take a look for yourself:


This site would impress any web professional because it is one of the highest-ranking sites in the world, claiming the number one spot in Google for a huge amount of keywords! The content and the way the site is structured are essentially perfect in terms of SEO. The bonus for Wikipedia is they are not concerned with promotional, flashy, modern content – their ‘encyclopedia’ status allows them to produce pages which are simple, clean, text-based and perfect for search engine indexation. On top of this, the site speed is excellent, substantially aiding the impressive rankings.

Take a look for yourself by visiting here:


When most users think of an online video, they most commonly think of YouTube. The influence of their video platform dominates those of any other video platform available today. YouTube’s website is extremely clever because of one main thing – it’s obvious! Everyone understands it right away; what it is for and what it does. It’s incredibly user-friendly, as anyone can use it without signing up or reading lengthy text. Users that subscribe to it profit right away, as they are able to link cool stuff back to their website from YouTube. It has a brilliant marketing concept too; whoever uses it is actively helping promote their service, which is extremely smart.

To have fun searching through some great videos follow this link:


Google is simply a genius website! It’s the current leading search engine for a reason – it works! We think Google is so smart because you don’t even have to think to use it, and that’s what makes this search engine so powerful. Almost everyone in the world knows of Google and most people use it without thinking.

The main reasons for thinking Google is definitely worthy of a top 5 spot are; the search page is simple and you cannot go wrong as there are not too many options to choose between. It’s easy on the eyes due to the colour scheme and is laid out in such a way that allows you to browse results easily and quickly, due to the basic amount of options. The search box at the top and middle of the page, as well as the search results, can be refined in just one click. You can also switch between the various types of results (image/map/etc) with just one click using the same search term. Finally, something that we can’t express enough – Google’s simple design enables it to load fast! Something that most other search engines are yet to learn!

If you want to find something, you will find it with Google and you will find it fast. Start your search here: httpss://


My final website choice is WordPress. WordPress just has to be in the top 5 as it is so straightforward. The colour options chosen keep the site modern with sophistication, yet its use is powerful, reliable and simple. It could not be easier for the customer to get started on creating their website – no long winded way around it. They make downloading a theme simple and effective, even if you have no experience in website development. You won’t find any lengthy and boring explanations of anything on this website, oh no! WordPress tell you exactly what you need in the simplest format. Even the 3 stage bullet list on their home page explaining how easy it is, is…well…easy! They have a fantastic resource section and their blog is always full of useful articles of interest.

Take a look for yourself: httpss://

What Are Your Favourite Websites?

So, that is my top 5 websites and why we think they rule the roost. But, we are always interested to hear others opinions. Do you agree or do you think I have missed some vital contenders?

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