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Toxic link removal services

Following all the recent updates that Google kindly sends our way, with the latest being the Panda 2.0 update, we are now able to offer all our clients and any new clients our new toxic link removal service.

Over time your website will build up links to it from other sites. Some you'll arrange yourself, some will be natural links from other websites or others may be added by directory sites and the like.

As part of this you will of undoubtedly built up some links to your website that are perhaps less than desirable. eg. You may have a link to your site from a directory that has been penalised by Google and this penalty is then in turn passed onto your website, with the result being a drop in Google rankings for you...

We recently identified over 75 such links to a client site and they weren't a particularly seo savvy/active client..These links are added and build up over time, some are actually added on purpose by owners of sites who are aware they could be harming your rankings and then they request a removal fee to remove the link to your site!

Using some new software we can identify and contact webmasters of any sites that are identified as having toxic links to your site, with a view to getting them removed. Our automated process will contact them and we also manually contact them to request removal.


The success rate of our toxic link removal service

Whilst a success rate of 100% is virtually impossible to achieve, we do have a high success rate and as part of the work we do we'll also clean up your on-page copy and html and also upload a "disavow" file to Google to ask them to block any toxic links that currently point to your site.

For more details on this service please contact us on 01271 814829 or via the contact page on our site.

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