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WordPress Website Developer at Sims Designs
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A more and more common feature on websites are videos. They are great way of engaging your visitors quickly and getting over your important messages without the need for them to read through paragraphs of text on your home page or other site pages.

Video Creation

I can imagine you are thinking ‘why do I need to add a video to my website”, it’s done well without one and that sort of thing is for other people rather than for us…

Well you could be missing a trick and losing customers to your rivals. Users love video, it engages them and gets them interested in your site and products immediately. Your video can also be uploaded to You Tube or Vimeo, so you can tap into the power of their services and get a valuable backlink from a high authority site, which can only be a good thing.

You can also post your video on Facebook or Google+ with a view to getting it shared and as a result your products and services out to a wider audience, which again can only be a good thing. My video creation services can help you do all of this and we’ll even upload it to You Tube and install it on your website as well. Contact me for more details.

Also, your video may also get a decent Google ranking in it’s own right if it’s added correctly to sites like You Tube, which will bring in more visitors to your site and more potential buyers for your products or services.

The cost of creating a custom video for your website isn’t as much as you think, so why not consider adding one today with our video creation services.

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