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Website designers will always ask you for a brief or an overview of your proposed website project to gain an understanding of what it is you want and how the website will work.

As a professional website designer myself, I receive all manner of project briefs from one line emails to large complex documents, some good, some bad, but the important thing is to supply one.

So why bother writing a brief for a website project?

Without one you could end up with a delayed project, extended timescales, something that is coded differently to how you expected it to be, or perhaps a website that bears no resemblence to what you wanted. Having searched for website developers uk or something similar on a search engine most will ask you for more details about your project requirements and that is where a brief comes in.

At the outset it seems like a bit of a bind or a hassle writing up a document and explaining what you want in detail, but it does enable a website designer to quote you accurately and it will enable your website designer or web developer to code the site quickly and accurately.

At the end of the day you are paying for the website and whether it is a large project or a small site of a few pages a good project brief is crucial for your website designer.

We have some design brief templates and information available for anyone wishing to obtain a quote from Sims Designs, so if you are looking for affordable website designers for your web project, please contact us and we can help you with your project brief and also provide you with an affordable quotation.

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