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WordPress Website Developer at Sims Designs
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Another original idea from your friendly professional website designers uk Sims Designs : The website trade-in scheme, save 10% on a new website!

The website trade-in scheme

Trading in your old website for a new one could have a marked effect on your business. An old outdated site gives the impression that your business is old and outdated and if your comptitors have nice new modern looking sites, this is only going to mean one thing : More business for them and less for you.

The cost of a website is probably one of the main marketing items in your budget, so I can help you offset some of that cost by offering you a discount of 10% off of any quote I give you. Yes, that’s a saving of a quarter just by trading in your old site in return for a new one designed by me.

This offer applies to new clients as well as existing clients and is for any new quotes issued from now.

“Ok”, you think 10% is ok, but it’s not great…Well I would counter that and say why not reply to our quote within 48 hours and we’ll give you an additional 5% off the total cost, making a saving of 15%. So on a new site costing £500, with your discount you can have it for £425, a saving of £75 which is very worthwhile.

If Tesco offered you 15% off your weekly shop to a maximum of £500, or if BP let you fill up your car for 15% off until you hit £500 you’d snap their hands off. It also makes our competitive prices even more tempting…

This is going to be an initial limited offer for the first 20 clients that contact me mentioning our website trade-in scheme who then go ahead with their project.

“Why are you doing this”. Well, it’s largely due to the slow responses we get to emails and quotes from clients! (no offence), we are all for making things a bit more dynamic and snappier. No need to wait weeks on end to get yourself organised, to write that brief or to reply to our quote. You now have an incentive and even if you decide to go elsewhere, perhaps you could mention the website trade-in scheme to a friend of colleague who may be interested in using our web design services.

So get started by contacting me here with the details of what you want and you may end up with a few quid in your pocket and a nice new website.

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