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We have eventually found some time to dedicate to the setting up of our own blog - Dedicated to website design, ecommerce web development and website optimization and related information.

With 2008 drawing to a close and 2009 predicted to be a tough year for businesses (and individuals) we have also set up a newsletter to help keep businesses informed on useful resources, tips and services (not just our own) that may assist them in the year ahead.

I ame also in the process of reviewing our own website, with a view to making some alterations over the coming weeks and we are also carrying out a strategy and planning review to move forward with purpose in 2009. I'll share any useful or informative information with subscribers to our newsletter on an ongoing basis.

No real pearls of wisdom in this posting, but thinking about how long we have been in business and the length of time it has taken to set up our first blog, we thought a trip back through the archives might be of interest. What did our website, or yours look like back way back when.....Well why not check out the 'Way Back When Machine'..! Check out the site here.

That's all for starters, remember to bookmark the site and visit again soon...

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