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WordPress says there has been a "critical error on your website". So what do you do? Your website will likely be offline and the cause of the error could be any number of reasons, from a plugin issue, a WordPress upgrade issue through to the unknown or random. Having your website offline for a period of time is stressful, costs money and makes you look unprofessional.

So how do you fix critical errors in WordPress?

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Next Steps to get your WordPress Critical Error Fixed

No doubt you have searched online to see if there are any guides to help you resolve your critical error message. The advice on the WP Help Blog is quite good, but for the average website owner, it's all way too technical and time-consuming. You just want the error fixed and you want it fixed quckly.

I offer WordPress support on demand for troublesome WordPress websites and usually fix the issue the same day.

All you need to do next is to contact me and I can start to help you.

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How Much Does It Cost to Fix A WordPress Critical Error?

Some critical errors are easier and more obvious to diagnose and fix than others. My day rate is £300, so that would be the maximum amount you would pay, with most fixes taking less than that. I'll provide a robust fix, so that going forward the issue is unlikely to happen again. All you need to do is to provide your web hosting login details and your current WordPress admin area credentials and I can get to work on recovering your WordPress site from a critical error.

Apart from providing my clients with WordPress fixes, I also offer related services such as WordPress website speed optimization.

Ongoing WordPress Website Support

Now you have found me, you may also me interested in having someone on hand on an ongoing basis to keep your WordPress website up to date, update WordPress plugins and to fix any issues that may occur. This is where my WordPress Support Services come in. I can give you peace of mind from just £50 per month.

Contact me on 01271 890291, or complete the form on the bottom right of this page and get a free quote for the quick fixing of your WordPress critical error message..

Let's get your website back online asap.

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Yes, I am available to help you with your WordPress issues.

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