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Hi, I'm a Professional Website Designer in Devon

Sims Designs was conceived and established in 2002 by professional website designer & wordpress developer Steve Sims. That's me to your left by the way..

Feeling there was a niche in the market for website designers to provide 'value for money' custom website designs I set out on my own and so my professional website design company was established. Initially run on a part-time basis, it soon became sustainable on a full-time level and following it's success I converted to a full-time web design operation in 2003.

Today as a small UK based business I can offer a full range of Internet services and search engine submission services all with a personal touch, meaning your project will get my undivided attention at all times.

Featured here and there

I've been lucky enough to of been featured here and there over the years including mentions in our industrys leading publication Smashing Magazine and in national newspapers like The Daily Mirror who featured my 'website scrappage scheme' in recent times and I am an author on the Huffington Post website.

As much as this type of exposure is welcome, I still receive the majority of enquiries by way of recommendation from people I have created websites for, which is pleasing and hopefully shows that I'm doing something right!

Professional website designer

My Web Design Services

Business website design has evolved a lot over the last few years and now the focus is on responsive design, Wordpress website design packages and quick loading sites that look good and perform well on all devices and browsers. From small start-up sites to larger custom builds I'm on hand to help you with whatever you want.
From php programming and backend web development I can assist you with the development of your new website or update & enhance an existing site that you may have some requirements for. Contact me for a free quote and let's see if we can work together soon!
Wordpress websites have become a very popular cms system as a framework to build a website on. Originally created for blogs it is now the most popular cms on the Internet and I cam design, build and support any site built with Wordpress.
These are great for explaining your business or services and are know as 'Explainer Videos', a good use is also for installation instructions, build or usage instructions. Contact me for some information on animated videos and grab a quote today.
Does your business need to test your staff on a regular basis or ensure they understand a process or are compliant with a procedure. It might be Health & Safety or handwashing in the NHS, but a custom e-learning build will save you time on setting up a course or trainer & you can use them again & again. Likewise a quiz or questionnaire is a great addition to a website, as it allows you to detect a users needs and point them to the appropriate section of your website.
The most successful websites are the ones at the top of Google and they get there by hard work & great seo. I offer seo and web marketing services, content marketing, regular blog posts, link building, Google penalty investigation & resolutions and all associated services. Get in touch if you think I can help you...

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So you found me my searching for Professional Website Designers in Devon, so the next step is to contact me under no obligation to go through the website design process, and also to go through any questions you may have. You can complete my online enquiry form and I will reply asap thereafter.

I believe in building strong and meaningful relationships with my customers, working closely with them to ensure successful website builds. Why not join my ever-growing list of happy clients and let's get your business profiting from the web today!

Need a quick quote for your next website? Well now's your chance...

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