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Wordpress Website Speed Optimization

The speed of your wordpress website is one of the ranking factors that Google considers and more importantly the speed of your site can have a huge influence on how long a visitor is prepared to stay on your site for..

You can test the speed of your site yourself usingan online tool like GTMetrix, which will give your site a rating. If your site is slow then you'll be looking at a C-E rating. The work I do aims to increase this to an A rating, which is the best you can get. The cost of this work is a flat fee of £250.

How Do I Speed Up Your Website?

There are several technical seo tasks that I work through on your site and your web hosting to achieve the desired result. It's not just a simple case of installing a speed improvement plugin. There are other factors like your web hosting, your plugins, version of Wordpress, caching, and so on. One issue I come across a lot is large images that have been used on sites, so image optimization is a quick win for quite a few Wordpress websites that I work on.

Other more complex tasks involve css minification, javascript minification, and compression. All of which will likely bore you and confuse you. I hear you, you just want to speed up your Wordpress website speed!

Need a quick quote for a Wordpress website speed improvement?

Wordpress expert help. What I can do

Do you need a Wordpress expert?

I can work on your website speed work at a convenient time for your business, including weekends or evenings which are generally quieter times for businesses, so that there is no loss of service during busier times for your business. Generally, there will be no need to take your site offline or to change web hosts as part of the work.

All I need is the following information:

  • I will need admin access to your Wordpress website
  • Access to your web hosting control panel(s)
  • Ftp access to your server(s).

Wordpress Speed Optimization

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How long does it take to speed up my website?

Once I have all the relevant details from you I can usually complete the Speed optimization work within 48 hours.

Once you are up and running you may then like to consider some ongoing support which I offer from just £50 per month. This includes monitoring your site, ensuring your plugins are up to date, any new Wordpress upgrades, and email support. It doesn't include the addition of any new functionality to your site, but I would be happy to quote you for that or for any custom Wordpress project.

PS. I can also help with your other common Wordpress issues:

  • How do I setup my domain name and hosting?
  • Will I break my site when a Plugin needs updating?
  • How do I install a ssl certificate?
  • Why doesn't my website doesn't look correct on a mobile?
  • How do I install and modify a theme in WordPress?
  • How do I update a section of my website?
  • What is the difference between a post and page?
  • How do I assign pages to my Wordpress menus?
  • How can I insert images into posts in Wordpress?
  • How do I submit a Wordpress sitemap to Google?
  • How can I keep my Wordpress website secure and running smoothly?

If so as a Wordpress designer for hire, please contact me about my Wordpress support services & maintenance and I can help you out.

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If so, ask me about my Wordpress Maintenance Services...

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