WordPress Website Support Services

Regular updating and WordPress website maintenance is important. I offer WordPress website support services, WordPress fixes, and WordPress repair services.

WordPress Support Services and WordPress Fixes

As a freelance WordPress developer, I can support you and your business on an ongoing basis with a range of WordPress support services and WordPress fixes.

I can do the maintenance jobs that you may not know how to do, or that you may not have the time to do on your own, such as fixing a WordPress Critical Error message.

WordPress releases new versions throughout the year, so you’ll need to update your version and all of your plugins regularly to ensure a smooth-running website. Search engines like Google and Bing also like to see that your site is up to date and being maintained, hence you will need WordPress site maintenance.

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WordPress Maintenance I Cover

Whether you need a quick WordPress website fix, or something more long-term, such as a monthly WordPress maintenance retainer, I can help at an affordable rate. Some of my clients like me to support them on an ongoing monthly payment plan basis, which may also include the seo of their site, as well as taking care of things like the following:

Urgent WordPress Fixes, fixing a hacked WordPress website, Theme Updates, Plugin Updates and Fixes, Speed issues, Coding Requirements, Broken links or images, Changes in copy or design, new pages & blog posts, Website backups, WooCommerce updates, performance and  WordPress speed optimization, Security, Web hosting issues, Analytics, seo, and activity monitoring and WordPress upgrades to name a few.

Business website design services
Wordpress tasks

Need WordPress Support?

Common WordPress support questions I’m asked:
  • How do I setup my domain name and hosting?
  • Will I break my site when a Plugin needs updating?
  • How do I speed up my WordPress site?
  • How do I install and modify a theme in WordPress?
  • How do I update a section of my website?
  • I’ve tried the official WordPress support and had no luck. Can you help me?
  • Can you fix a WordPress critical error message?
  • How do I assign pages to my WordPress menus?
  • I need help redirecting my old website pages to new WordPress based website pages

I can help with all the above issues and many more…

So contact me now about my WordPress maintenance services & ongoing monthly WordPress retainer plans and I can help you out.

Fix WordPress Issues

What I'll Need:

All I need is the following information:

  • I will need admin access to your WordPress website
  • Access to your web hosting control panel
  • Ftp access to your server

I can work on any issues or fixes at a convenient time for your business, including weekends, or evenings which are generally quieter times for businesses, so that there is no loss of service during busier times for your business.

Need some WordPress help? I can help with any of the above & more, with my standard price for WordPress fixes start from just £50.