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How to Add Products in WooCommerce

This is a brief guide to give you some pointers on how to add products in WooCommerce.

Adding basic products is quite a straightforward process, but when you perhaps have a product that had different sizes or colours, then it’s not immediately obvious how to go about adding these to your WooCommerce store. I offer WooCommerce website design services, WooCommerce website redesigns and support my clients with issues such as the addition of products on an ongoing basis.

A good starting point would be to watch the following video that gives a nice overview of what to do.

NB. When adding product photos to your site you may wish to optimize the size of them first. There are various Wordpress plugins that will do this for you, but be aware that adding images with large filesizes will slow down your site. You nay like to read more about my service to speed up your Wordpress website.

There are six different types of product you can use:

A Simple Product – A simple product is an individual item, such as a mug for example. This is the default type that WooCommerce sets each time you start to add a new product to your website.

A Downloadable Product – This it is not an actual product, but a downloadable one. So an e-book for example. Instead of an actual item that is shipped to the user, they are provided with a download instead.

A Virtual Product – Another variation is the virtual product, that can be used for subscriptions or services.

A Grouped Product – This is a collection of products that have already been added into your WooCommerce store. You can choose any of your products to add to your grouped product.

Affiliate Products – This type lets you sell products from a third party and can be use for dropshipping products. It enables you to sell products even if you’re not the actual seller using a product url.

Variable Products – The variable product type is the most complex. This type makes it possible to add different variations and attributes of the same item to your store. The process of adding these products is best shown in video format, so please watch the video below.

There are other products you can add, such as bookable products, memberships, auctions etc. You’ll generally need to add a plugin to add these types of product and are not covered by this post.

When you start to add products and get the hang of it, you may wish to explore plugins that can enhance your shop and offer you more product options. The WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin is one such example of this.

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The whole process of adding a product to WooCommerce is quite intuitive, but the above should provide you with a good starting foundation to get your started.

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