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How Voice Search Will Affect Google and SEO Enquiries

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Voice Search and how it will affect SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved to such an extent that with just the strategic placement of keywords, one can find numerous relevant material. However, there are several other methods introduced now, to enhance the search experience of the users. Apple managed to introduce Siri, a voice operated search software, which was presented through the iPhone 4s in October 2011. Voice search was not ever introduced to the masses before Apple introduced Siri.

Moreover, the trend of voice search gained a lot of importance, and today, it is installed in every iPad, iPhone, or iPod and even in the Apple Watch. Similarly, Google managed to introduce ‘Google Now’, a voice search technology. The voice search technology has improved immensely over time, as the accuracy rate has increased since the first introduction.

Prospective Changes:

There are many developers who feel like this new and improved technology of voice search will affect the Google or SEO enquiries. On the other hand, there are still many users who question that how are the voice search technologies different from the text search option. The first answer to this question is always that you will not have to use your fingers to actually type the text to search, and instead you can speak to your phone.

It basically acts as a personal assistant, which is why they are powered by the search engines. Your personal assistant is always available for you, whether if you are using Google Chrome or an Android phone. If you have your Google Now on, then all you have to do is to call it by saying “OK, Google.” and it would be available to serve you, so to find my site you might say “OK Google find me a provider of web design services in the uk“.

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Here are a few changes that are possible with the use of the Google Now voice search:

1.     Direct Answers:

According to the evaluation done last year, there were more than 8 million search queries that Google Now replied back with direct answers, instead of presenting the users with the links. It is said that around 20 percent of the time, the voice search, powered by Google, presents us with the direct answers, whereas, Bing provides the users with direct answers only 1.1 percent of the time.

Moreover, the voice searches are mostly performed on smartphones, as the users want immediate access to the information they require, without even having to type the words or the question into the search bar. Furthermore, considering the query at hand, it would also present you with tabbed results for the questions related to flight inquires, movie show times, etc.

2. More Words per Search:

While using the new and improved voice search, Google Now, you have to keep in mind that the words you choose in your search phrase is liable of providing you with more data on the topic than you would find through the text search. While using the text input search, if you use queries of two words or three words, then you would be able to find as many links as you would through voice search.

Furthermore, like all other search engines, as you scroll through the pages, you would notice a gradual decline in the relevance of the information that you are looking for. Therefore, once you are searching using the voice search option, then you would naturally speak the question as a complete phrase. You must keep in mind that the positivity and the negativity shown in the question have a huge impact on the links provided by SEO.

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3.     Less Focus on Keywords:

It is seen in the previous voice search programs, and is assumed to be seen again in the future improvements, that the keywords are not the prime factor anymore. It is expected that slowly and gradually, the trend of searching through keywords would not continue, if the voice search is going to be used more often than the text input search method. The phrase basically gives the search engine vital clues to choose from, and thus, intensifying the impact of your search.

The Search Engine Optimization basically operates the search on the basis of the keywords that you enter into the search bar, and since the voice search program does not focus primarily on the keywords, it is going to provoke the users into searching using the complete phrase. However, it is still a confusion that whether the excessive use of this voice search program is going to make the users lazier or relaxed.

4.     Easier To Use:

There is no doubt that the Google Now seems totally gratuitous. The Google Now is basically intended to be used more by the users on their smartphones. It is advisable that people use the question phrases while conducting the search for anything. This is vital for you to know because with a simple tap on the mike on the search bar, you can access the voice search program and speak whatever you want to search for.

Moreover, the developers have tried their best to present the users with the best technology that they can. Most people have also reported that the Google Now is relatively easier to use than Siri, whereas, Siri performs almost the similar operations. Furthermore, you should always remember that the search optimization is largely affected by the way one uses it, and so, by only making a slight change in the question, the searched links provided by Google can completely change.

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Coming to the conclusion, one major drawback of using this searching technique is that it would not be used more efficiently in the offices, as people would prefer typing their queries into the search bar rather than speaking what they want to search. On the other hand, there are numerous other commands available for the Google Now users, which is one of the reasons why the developers call it your personal assistant.

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