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A UK-based Freelance WordPress Website Designer offering you WordPress website designer services, expert WordPress design, development & support services, and WordPress SEO.

– Custom WordPress Website Design
– WordPress Fixes & Recovery
– Convert Websites to WordPress
– Redesign Outdated Websites
– Website Projects Large and Small
– I work on New or Existing Websites
– Online Shops/WooCommerce Development
– No High Agency Fees

Steve Sims - WordPress Website Designer
Steve Sims: Website designer freelancer

Struggling with Website Design? Let Me Help You Achieve Your Vision

As a Freelance WordPress website designer, I specialize in providing affordable WordPress website design services tailored to both large and small businesses, as well as individuals. Whether you have an existing website or need a brand new online presence.

Are you tired of wrestling with website design, only to find yourself hitting roadblocks at every turn? You’re not alone. Many individuals and businesses encounter the same frustrations when attempting to craft their online presence. Whether it’s the daunting task of creating a professional-looking design, integrating essential features, or simply getting your navigation menu to cooperate, these challenges can quickly turn your web development dreams into a headache.

As an experienced Freelance WordPress Website Designer, I specialize in transforming your design aspirations into reality. With over 15 years of expertise, I’ve assisted countless clients in overcoming these hurdles and bringing their visions to life. From refining design aesthetics to implementing intricate functionalities, I’m here to guide you through every step of the process.

Perhaps you’ve experimented with do-it-yourself solutions like Wix, only to find yourself frustrated and dissatisfied with the results. You’re not alone in feeling that way. Many have wasted valuable time attempting to navigate the complexities of website design, only to realize that the DIY route falls short of their expectations. That’s where my expertise comes in. I offer comprehensive WordPress website design services tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your website not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

So why continue to struggle on your own when professional assistance is just a click away? Let’s work together to turn your website aspirations into a reality. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to revamp an existing site, I’m here to provide the expertise and support you need to succeed. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a beautifully designed, fully functional website that truly reflects your unique brand identity. Let’s embark on this journey together and make your online presence shine.

How much does it cost to have a WordPress Website Designed or Redesigned?

As a WordPress website designer, I specialize in custom web development and affordable WordPress website design for small businesses. These include WordPress designs, WP website builds, WordPress website design services and ongoing website management, starting from just £375.

WordPress Website Solutions For You

Elevate your online presence with tailored WordPress theme customization services. I specialize in transforming pre-built themes into unique, eye-catching designs that reflect your brand identity and captivate your audience.

Embrace the mobile era with responsive WordPress web design services that adapt seamlessly to all devices and screen sizes. As a skilled designer, I craft visually stunning websites that provide an exceptional user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones, driving engagement and conversions.

Do you have an existing website that is aging and in need of attention? Or perhaps a part-built site that you need a website designer to help you with. That’s where I come in.

My WordPress website redesign services for redesigning an existing WordPress website design could be exactly what you need.

Keep your WordPress website running smoothly with my comprehensive website maintenance services. From regular updates and backups to security monitoring and performance optimization, I ensure your site remains secure, stable, and up-to-date, allowing you to focus on your business.

So, why not hire me as your WordPress developer for your new project, or maybe a day or two a month for your existing website, or perhaps on a monthly retainer? Just get in touch for a no-obligation quote and we can discuss your requirements.

Take control of your content effortlessly with my intuitive WordPress content management solutions. From creating and publishing posts to organizing media libraries and managing user permissions, I empower you to streamline content workflows and maintain a dynamic online presence with ease.

Safeguard your WordPress website against cyber threats and data breaches with my robust security measures. From malware scanning and firewall protection to regular security audits and vulnerability patching.

Transform your WordPress website into a powerful e-commerce platform with WooCommerce. From intuitive product listings to seamless checkout experiences, I create visually stunning and functionally robust WooCommerce online stores that drive sales and inspire customer loyalty.

Accelerate your WordPress website’s performance and improve user experience with my website speed optimization services. Through advanced caching techniques, image optimization, and code minification, I reduce loading times and enhance responsiveness, ensuring your site remains competitive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Are you looking to convert your Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, or html website to WordPress, with my convert website to WordPress service.

If you need to change your web hosting to a new provider, I can migrate your WordPress website to your new setup. Just get in touch with some details and I’ll be happy to quote you.

WordPress Website SEO

As a Freelance WordPress expert, I am committed to delivering high-quality WordPress website solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and optimized for search engines like Google. My website design services are tailored to each client’s specific needs, and I work closely with them to ensure that their website reflects their unique brand identity.

When designing a WordPress website, I keep WordPress website SEO in mind from the very beginning. This includes conducting keyword research to identify the most relevant and valuable keywords for the client’s business, optimizing on-page content to include those keywords, and implementing technical SEO best practices.

In addition to my WordPress website design services, I offer ongoing SEO support to ensure that my clients’ websites rank well in search engine results pages. This includes regular content updates, link building, and GA4 analytics tracking to monitor website performance.

I’ve worked on over 300 projects with 500+ clients over 15 years. You could be next...

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Coastal Imaging

Some updates to a local Wix website for a professional → North Devon Wedding Videographer

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Roman Food Tour

A Wordpress website design project for a company selling Food Tours in Rome and Florence Food Tours.

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