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WordPress Website Developer at Sims Designs
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Responsive website design : Improve your customers’ online shopping experiences with responsive website design.

Despite an increasing number of people using their smartphones and digital tablets to shop online, many ecommerce businesses are still yet to think about responsive web design, leaving their websites unsuitable for viewing on these devices.
Responsive web design is a process of creating layouts and coding so that a website is optimised for viewing on all types of devices, from traditional desktop computers, to laptops and smartphones.

How does it work?

Responsive web design involves creating a series of CSS queries that are able to identify the type of device a particular website is being viewed on. The web design will then adjust itself accordingly, ensuring that its screen size, pixel resolution and features are all compatible for that particular device.

Benefits of responsive web design
Although the initial cost of responsive web design is usually much higher than traditional ecommerce website design, it will work out much more cost effective in the long run. The alternative option is to have a number of websites built to suit each device, which will not only cost more, but waste precious time and resources.

Webmasters that have used responsive web design to build their ecommerce website will also benefit when it comes to maintaining and updating their site. Rather than having to update their content or upload their products for each individual site, they can simply make the change once and it will update all forms of the website.

With more and more people using their smartphones and other digital tablets to shop online, it is now more important than ever to make sure your website is fully optimised for viewing across all devices. Those that fail to do so will risk losing potential customers to their competitors. Using responsive web design you can be sure that you are always providing users with the best viewing experience possible. You will soon see an increase in customer satisfaction as users will feel like their needs and requirements are being met by your business.

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