Convert a website to WordPress

Convert Your Website to WordPress

I am being asked more and more by visitors to my website if I can convert their current html website to WordPress. Well, YES I can.

If your website is dated, not mobile friendly, or perhaps it's just time for a change to a platform that allows you to updated and manage your website yourself, then a conversion to WordPress could be the way forward. Contact me about my WordPress website design services and I'll get back toyou within 48 hours with a quote.

Custom WordPress Conversion Services

Not being able to update your own website yourself can be frustrating, as can having an older design that isn't mobile friendly. You can give the impression to your site users and clients that are you outdated and not an especially progressive business. Chances are they'll go elsewhere to buy wthe product or service that they want..

I offer a WordPress conversion service, where I can develop a new look for your existing site and create a WordPress theme from it. I'll then install and set-up WordPress on your server and then I can create your web pages, or if you prefer you can do this yourself. I also offer WordPress support services and update WordPress plugins, just to name a few of the custom WordPress services I can offer you, all at great prices.

Thinking "How to convert my website to WordPress?".
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WordPress expert help. What I can do

When you hire me as to help build your WordPress website, I will:

  • Setup and create a custom theme
  • Customise your WordPress website design
  • Setup and manage your database for faster load times
  • Setup contact forms and your email addresses
  • Integrate WordPress with your social networking accounts
  • Customise sidebars and widgets
  • Migrate a WordPress website to a new server
  • Do fixes and plugin updates
  • Setup web hosting and domains, if required
  • Offer ongoing support, SEO & guidance on how to use WordPress

WordPress website services

WordPress website maintenance services

WordPress website maintenance services

Do you need someone for WordPress website maintenance? We have all been there; you’re told that it is easy to install and setup WordPress yourself, but when it comes to looking unique and professional, you get stuck and don’t know where to turn. You may even consider downloading WordPress website builder software to make the job easier for yourself, but you soon realise that what you need is a freelance WordPress developer with the right skills and experience.

Do any of these WordPress issues sound familiar?

  • How do I setup my domain name and hosting?
  • Will I break my site when a Plugin needs updating?
  • How do I upload files via FTP?
  • How do I install and modify a theme in WordPress?
  • How do I update a section of my website?
  • What is the difference between a post and page?
  • How do I assign pages to my menus?
  • How can I insert images into posts in WordPress?
  • How do I submit a sitemap to Google?
  • How can I keep my website secure and running smoothly?

If so as a WordPress designer for hire, please contact me about my WordPress maintenance services and I can help you out.

WordPress help

If so, ask me about my WordPress maintenance services...

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