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Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website Design?

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In this day and age of growing advancements in the field of IT, business or e-commerce, mobile internet usage more than doubles each passing year. With just under 50% of traffic coming from mobile devices and an increasing demand for smart devices in the market, there is a growing need for web developers and website designers to follow responsive web design and mobile friendly website design guidelines for all their clients.

For all its worth, making your mobile website design mobile-friendly should be your priority in 2016 as it is now a Google Ranking requirement, and as well as providing your visitors with a better user experience it will also earn you a good name and reputation in the business market as someone who is modern and up to date. In turn, a good name accredited to your business increases traffic to your website, as well as builds brand loyalty for the products and services you have to offer to the audiences.

Choosing the right approach to build and create a mobile-friendly website design for your website among all its other advantages also ensures that your website is verified by Google as “mobile-friendly” or “responsive website design”. Having any of these tags means that your website will be displayed and ranked appropriately for users, and among the top of Google’s search results once people are searching through its search engine rankings through their mobile phones. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website design or choose not to avail user-friendly and mobile friendly mobile website design services, Google is bound to penalize you and move your website down its search engine rankings. This credits your website with low credibility and reliability in front of the customers that you wish to impress.

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Is my website mobile friendly?

Is my website mobile friendly: If you are asking the question “is my website mobile friendly” then checkout the service provided by Google, where you can check to see and answer the question for yourself on their mobile friendly test site.

If you have a responsive website or mobile-friendly website design your website will automatically render the flexibility to adapt to the screen size that you are viewing it on. All in all, there is no need for you to zoom in and out of the website that you are viewing on your smartphone device and you can stay hassle-free from the inconveniences caused to you by non-mobile friendly website design usage. A responsive website or Mobile friendly website design responds to suit the size of your smartphones automatically and helps your customers and clients to view your website in a more user-friendlier format unlike ever before. Contact me about my web design for small businesses.

Mobile website design services

My mobile website design services can accommodate all your business website needs on platforms such as Drupal, Blogger, WordPress websites and many more. Facilitating mobile-friendly mobile website design services to an easy conversion of your e-commerce sites as well, a mobile friendly website design will help maximize your “happy visitor” experience for you on all devices and screen sizes. Last but not least, this ensures that your customers enjoy a smooth, consistent, and hassle-free ride while viewing your website anywhere.

Hire me at Steve Sims now to provide you with all your mobile-friendly website design  needs.

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