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WordPress Website Developer at Sims Designs
I am a UK custom WordPress developer based in the UK.

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I provide monthly wordpress support services at a reasonable price for any businesses or individuals who need helps with maintaining their WordPress website, updating plugins and the like or fixing issues. There are a range of WordPress support services on offer out there, but not many from the UK and the ones that are available seem to be very expensive.

Being a competent user of WordPress, updating blog articles, pages and images is fairly intuitive and with an interface like Microsoft Word most site-owners pick up the basics fiarly quickly. What may be more of a challenge going forward are some of the more complex ongoing tasks that need to be taken care off on an ongoing basis to ensure the smooth running of a website.

My WordPress support services offer you a significant timesaving and peace of mind especially if you are running your website as the main element of your business. Updating your version of WordPress — an inherently stressful activity — may not be something you feel au fait with tackling yourself, which is where someone like myself comes in.

As a front end web developer I can take care of your WordPress maintenance which will free up your time for the invaluable jobs that only you can do. The jobs that you enjoy the most and that are driving your business success.

If you like the sound of having more spare time and a healthier website, read on. I’ll cover in more detail what I can offer and explain how you can sign up to my services to offer you your own ‘in-house’ website support and leave your WordPress worries behind.

WordPress Support: What's Covered

Plugin updates

Keep WordPress Up to Date

Everyone knows it’s important to keep their WordPress site updated, but many ignore the task. Why? It does take time and sometimes it doesn’t always go smoothly, especially if a theme or plugin isn’t compatible. Besidess, if something works, why change it?

Hackers rely on this line of thinking to exploit your site’s vulnerabilities and love busines owners with a slack atitude to looking after their company website. WordPress updates don’t always add new features, or interface changes, they also fix any security flaws to keep your site protected and safe. It may not be the most enjoyable task, but you have to keep WordPress up to date or hackers may see your site as their next target and that is something you need to avoid.

Your Website’s Reputation

One of the less obvious side effects of not keeping your WordPress site updated is that hackers don’t necessarily attack a site to steal data from the site itself. Instead, they install malware which attacks the visitors to your site. When Google detects infected sites, the site may be blacklisted and you will be notified via your Google Search Console. You may be reading this and wondering what the Google Search Console is? Well if that is you, then you should contact me as it is a crucial part of any ongoing maintenance tasks for any online business.

You have no doubt encountered a website with a malware warning. Did you returnm to that site? I doubt it, you probably told your friends and colleagues to avoid it and to steer clear that site. Imagine if that was your website business?

Outdated Plugins

Ok, so you may not know what a plugin is. Well WordPress is built on them.

If we compare it to a house, WordPress is the foundation your site is built on. Your theme is the individual design of your house and plugins are the building blocks of each area of your site. So as an example, your website is probably using a plugin for the contact form on your WordPress website.

Plugins are updated by their creators on a regular basis, to add new features and to ensure they work with the latest versions of WordPress and are compatible with the latest web browsers. They do this to ensure that their plugin continues to work on any sites that they are used on, hence if you don’t update your plugins on your site then you run the risk of having a range of elements on your WordPress site that may just stop working!

Stay updated to stay online from just £50 per month.

WordPress Maintenance Tasks

Unsure of what WordPress maintenance tasks actually need to be carried out on a regular basis? The infographic below will outline it all for you.

Wordpress Maintenance and Support

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