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Secrets of Logo design to strike a chord with audiences

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Logo Design has assumed a larger significance for quite a few years now. Every organization is very keen about their logo and feels it as a matter of pride to have an appealing logo. We know all the big guns in the market have been successful through logo marketing. So is the case with Nike, Coca-cola, KFC, Apple etc., which have been flourishing purely because of the exotic logos with which they connect to the audiences. The importance of these logos can be well understood if one can get a chance to speak to the owners of these industries.

A logo is usually the face of the industry. One can get the first impression about the industry just by the look of the logo. Just like we take care to groom ourselves before we attend meetings/parties; similarly, we have to take steps to spruce up our logo. The right logo can help you flourish your business goals and objectives. Hence, the logo design assumes utmost importance as it is not simple to zero in on a particular logo which connects your business with audience. The role of website designers comes into picture as they give a perfect shape to the logo you select. These website designers would add all the necessary elements to beautify your logo as per instructions given to them.

The following are some of the key aspects to be observed in order to select the best logo which targets the audience.



It would be foolish to pick up the logo which is complicated and doesn’t yield anything. The idea here is to pick a logo which is simple in appearance as it would be easy for the customers to recollect it. A simple logo means one which is easily identifiable and recognizable. A feel good logo always has a positive impact on the customers. To pick one, you have to do a thorough research on logos which are apt for your business. Google search certainly helps in this regard.

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Finding out a unique logo is very important as we don’t want our customers to get confused with logos of other companies. It’s not a bad idea to know what your competitors are doing to get a unique logo. But when it comes to design of your own logo, you must rack your brains to come up with the logo which stands apart and which is not a reprise of any other logo. Please avoid unnecessary hassles like downloading a stock of images and putting them on your logo as it might lead to copyright infringement and other legal issues. Be sure to register your logo with concerned department as the same logo might come up in someone elses brain.



Your logo should inspire the crowd and become their favorite. The best way is to ensure your logo connects well with the audiences. I don’t suggest the logo should represent the kind of business you do, but it should give them a sense of what it might be. Because, by cluttering the logo with the theme of your business, you will end up making it shabby and unenthusiastic. The outlook of the logo must be bright and winsome. Failing to connect with the audience would plunge your business in a deep rut. A well thought effort by considering the audiences feedback in designing the logo should be implemented.



The logo should appear good everywhere. Try to visualize all the possible places you want to put up your logo and check how it looks. This is very important because if you dislike your logo, then how can you expect it to do well with customers. Also if your logo has a caption, then it should be small and teasing the customers’ brains. The next task is to find out the suitable software to design your logo. If you are using the bitmap software then zooming in would highlight the pixels distorting the image beyond recognition. For this, it’s better to take the help of a website designer as you wouldn’t want to leave any stones unturned for the best logo creation. Choosing the colors for the logo is again an important task as a dull and faded color won’t attract the eye balls. The color must be refreshing and go well with all background settings.

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One should be able to recollect the business in their mind when described about the logo. Go for a permanent logo and avoid changing it just to match the changing trends, as we never know whether the new look would still appeal the audience or may backfire. Trends won’t last for long and your logo might be dated very quickly. A logo always recollected hints the familiarity of the brand among the audiences.

Your logo and services should go hand in hand retaining all the customers. A poor logo and good services or vice versa is of no help. Everything should be meticulously planned and implemented bearing the taste of audiences. A logo design is never an easy task without considerable and righteous effort.  All the above elements discussed so far, form the cream of repository to bring out the best logo.

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