As part of my daily research around the Internet for news and articles related to seo and web design, I came across a really interesting article and infographic on the Search Engine Land website that I wanted to keep a … Read More

How Voice Search Will Affect Google and SEO Enquiries

Voice Search and how it will affect SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved to such an extent that with just the strategic placement of keywords, one can find numerous relevant material. However, there are several other methods introduced now, … Read More

A Beginners Guide to Google AMP

What are Google AMP pages and how to get started…

A beginners guide to Google AMP

Google AMP pages (Accelerated mobile pages) is a project started by Google & Twitter with the aim of delivering faster web page delivery to mobile devices.

Google Accelerated Mobile pages … Read More

Whisit helping a friend out with his website Mentawai Islands Surf Camps, I was scanning the web in my daily trawl for the latest news and happenings in the web design & seo world and I found the infographic … Read More

As a freelance seo consultant I recommend that you don’t just optimise your website for Google - there are lots of reasons why Bing search engine optimization is also necessary.

Bing Search Engine Optimization

There is no doubt that Google is the leader of … Read More

In this day and age of growing advancements in the field of IT, business or e-commerce, mobile internet usage more than doubles each passing year. With just under 50% of traffic coming from mobile devices and an increasing demand for … Read More